5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy

Your dog is faithful, loving and relentlessly forgiving. You’re the apple of your pet’s eye, so we owe it to them to keep them as healthy and happy as we possibly can.

There’s a ton of information out there on how to keep your pets happy, and how to train them and keep them healthy – but this article pares it down to the most important basics. Here are five core things that you need to do to keep your dog healthy and happy.

1. Make Sure You’re Providing the Right Foods

The importance of your pet’s diet can’t be overstated. Everything that goes in will affect your dog – from weight, to the wear on his teeth, to the luster of her eyes and to the health of their fur – the food that your dog eats can change everything, even their moods.

It’s imperative that you feed your dog nutritious, well balanced food that they can easily digest, and to stay away from temptation when it comes to feeding your pet ‘human’ treats that can have adverse effects on a dog’s wellbeing.

Raw food diets are incredibly nutritious and suited for most, if not all dogs, but if you do decide to go for commercial pet food, stick to those that are transparent about their ingredients and try to avoid preservatives when you can. If your pet’s food can last longer on the shelf than you or your dog, then it’s probably better to skip it.

2. Keep Fido on His Feet

Exercise is super important. Paired with the food you feed your dog, these two elements make all the difference when it comes to elongating your dog’s life and keeping them happy, too. Not to mention, regular walks is good for your health as well. So pick up that lead and hit the streets – it’ll do you both some good.

3. Make Friends with Your Vet

No one likes visiting the doctor – least of all the dentist – but it’s important that you’re taking your dog to the vet on a regular basis. It’s especially important start to do this when they’re very young, so they get used to being poked and prodded by the vet.

4. Learn To Speak Doggie

Understanding your dog and its particular needs is vitally important. Every breed and age of dog has different requirements. Unlike us, your dog can’t communicate and let you know when something’s wrong, so it’s important to take notes of changes in their behavior and physicality. When your dog starts getting older, he or she may need additional help with simple things like taking the stairs or moving about – and the only way to help assist them and make their lives less painful is to observe changes and react in turn.

5. Teach You Dog How To Play Sudoku

While your dog will never master the crossword or beat you at chess, it’s hugely important to their happiness and health for them to receive mental stimulation. Dogs of different breeds and ages will need different things – some will be more apt for puzzles and games, while others will do well with simple tricks and commands. Regularly engaging in new and varied activities like this will help keep our dog’s mind agile and alert.

There you have it – five basic tips to keep your dog healthy, happy, and with you for as long as possible. Keep these tips at the heart of your life with your dog and you’ll be helping them live long and fruitful lives.

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