Contract Manufacturing

Formulating Supplements

Whether you’d like to create a new natural animal product or modify an existing one, Dr. Charley can work with you to turn your product concept into a retail-ready product. We can help you develop a superior formula to an existing product, or fill an untapped product niche in the natural animal products market.

Dr. Charley’s Approach to Formulating Successful

We have experienced research and development scientists who can guide you to formulate your product in a cost-efficient manner. Drawing on the latest market research, our team of scientist’s works closely with the production staff to produce practical solutions to consumer needs. You’ll find that by working with the Dr. Charley team, which has access to the necessary equipment and experience in formulating similar health products, can help reduce the amount of time it takes to get your product to market.

When helping to develop a new product or modify an existing product, we consider the following factors to guarantee your complete satisfaction:

Industry Knowledge & Market Research

Our team of industry experts keeps up-to-date with market trends in the natural animal field to help guide your brand to create in-demand products. We freely share our industry knowledge because we recognize that enabling your brand to be successful will directly impact our own company growth and success.

Consumer health trends are constantly shifting and we look to industry forecasts to stay ahead of consumer purchasing patterns. With a database of hundreds of qualified suppliers and thousands of raw ingredients, we stay on top of emerging trends. New ingredients are constantly emerging with science to support their efficacy and use in various dosage formats.

When helping brands develop new products we begin by looking at market research and trends and use this to guide the ingredient selection, label claims and packaging options. Our knowledge and guidance through the product development process has helped brands produce some of the top selling supplements in Canada and USA.

By keeping up-to-date with the latest scientific research, attendance at major trade shows, and staying current with industry publications, our team of professionals are on top of what is new and exciting in the natural health product industry.

Products Industry Certifications

Dr. Charley holds a number of natural animal product industry certifications to ensure the quality and label claims of your products. Our production employees are extensively trained to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain our high standards of quality.

GMP Compliant Manufacturer

Dr. Charley is a NASF certified Good Manufacturing Practice (NSF GMP) manufacturer.
NSF GMP manufacturers have required quality assurance programs in place that ensure supplements are consistently manufactured, prepared and stored to meet specific quality standards.

Dr. Charley tests and assesses all raw materials and finished supplements to guarantee the identity, purity, strength and composition. This prevents wrong ingredients, mislabelled ingredient amounts, and possible contamination.

Site Licences are issued by Health Canada to manufacturing sites that meet all the requirements of the natural health product regulations.